… I am free to write

Remember Kenji Goto ? – The journalist who was killed by ISIS.That incident really shook the world particularly those into writing profession . 

So , do we writers write to please others? Are we slaves? No ! We aren’t. We are free to express ourselves as loudly as we can . This is what the world needs to know especially those who defame writers and even kill them for their writings.

…I am free to write

I write not to appease or pacify

My words do revere and glorify

Men,regions , affairs I write about

Like leaves they rustle , or like Satan shout.

I don’t gild my words or sugarcoat

The truth in all forms I do quote

Deceive not thy eyes with beauty elusive

For I show you filth ~ vile and abusive !

Read thou !  The words that I write

Behold the world from mine eyes

See the petty and the pretty side

Read the feelings that in my heart resides

They kill me for what I say

But in no way leads me to dismay

I worship my pen and am not coward

Sooth! My pen is mightier than their sword.

-Raashi Hasteer

Black Diary

( This poem is related to the diary of my maternal grandfather whom I lost years back ! Though he isn’t there but his memories still remind me of his presence in my heart . )


Black Diary

I picked up thy diary

Thy name inscribed therein

On black cover , silver ink !

With each page that I flipped

In memories of thee I was gripped.

With mine eyes teary

I closed thy diary

Thinking about the scars

On the last page I saw a star

On black cover ,silver ink !

I looked up at the sky

As if to question why

Ah! Once again black sky silver stars

I was reminded of that star

And the unlimited scars!!

-Raashi Hasteer

A Weary Soul

A Weary Soul

Thou standeth at my grave to cry

When I needed you , Did you ever try?

Thou standeth at my grave to wail

Did you mollify when I was pale?

Thou standeth at my grave to yell

Did you hold my hand whenever I fell?

Thou standeth at my grave to whine

Did you see when for you I did pine?

Thou standeth at my grave to weep

Did your promises you ever keep?

Thou standeth at my grave to moan

Did you hug me when I felt forlorn?

Thou standeth hither . I know not why?

Is something left for you to try?

You made my life a living hell

And now thou standeth here to yell?

A whacked , withered , weary soul ~ here I lie !

Do whatever because my soul won’t die

Before my soul to heaven proceeds

I request you sir – Please Recede !

-Raashi Hasteer

My Sweetheart Canine

(This poem is for all dogs . Particularly for my future pet)


My Sweetheart Canine

I crave you each passing day

So much that it is hard to say

My hands here I stretch out

Put your tender claws, don’t back out !

Let me hold you so close

My secrets I shall disclose

For I know you won’t ever judge

I shoo you ; you’ll have no grudge

You’ll love unconditionally , I’ll do the same

My feelings for you have no name

You’ll soothe me – grief laden

With you my home is my Eden

Had I never looked into a dog’s eyes

I would have never known what love comprise

Come home and be mine

I Love You – My Sweetheart Cannine.

-Raashi Hasteer

Get Up And Get Going

Get Up And Get Going

Waste not your days in dismay

If yesterday wasn’t a winning play

Falling down is a reality.That’s true!

But, it does nothing to define you.

You fall down and you stay down

Nothing lasts on your face ~ but frown

Many a heart you gratify

Their hatred you pacify

For when they’d love to see you bleat

Your tears are a fulfilling treat.

When life knocks you down

Get up ! up for your gleaming crown

For you’re the King of you life

It’s your struggle! Your strife!

If life’s a dicey match

Try not to miss a single catch

Play with all your heart

That’s life ! You must do your part

For in life the loser isn’t the one

Who plays and loses but the one who refuses to play !

-Raashi Hasteer

Are You The Same You

Childhood is undoubtedly the best phase of our lives. The eyes are full of dreams and the heart is full of desires.  But , what happens once we grow up? Do we remain the same? The intensity of our dreams and the degree of our optimism tends to reduce – maybe because of past failures , the pressure of society , demotivating people who constantly try to pull us down ! So , let’s peep into our childhood days with a beautiful smile on our faces   !! Let’s dream  big and make all possible efforts to fulfill those beautiful dreams . 🙂

  Are You The Same You

Remember those golden days?

When wizardry was but a child’s play

With a wand in thy little hand

You brought dazzling stars to land

Sitting on your favourite broomstick

You travelled through the air thick

With smoke of your fantasies

Wasn’t life so full of ease?

Like a spiderman brave and tall

You tried climbing up the wall

What if  a tiger came on a leisure stroll

Wouldn’t you encounter him at one call?

When Snow White was a beautiful frauline

But was her beauty more than thine?

Those were days you shall never forget

Yet those are days you shall never get

With credence and valour abound

Many a heart you did astound

Ask yourself are you the same you?

Can with mettle you pursue

Your dreams coloured in myriad hues?

Why you feared to dream as you grew?

Ask yourself are you the same you?

-Raashi Hasteer

A Journey Through Words

A Journey Through Words

Thy imagination knows no bounds

Thou writeth on paper words profound

In less words thou sayest a tale

Sooth!Thy words can chortle or wail !

He who reads not just reads

For thy words are harbingers that lead

A journey of feelings then starts

The reader meets the writer’s heart!

His pen and feelings never do part

How wonderful is this POETRY art !

-Raashi Hasteer

On A Cold Winter Night

On A Cold Winter Night

‘Twas a cold winter night

As I sat on the bench ~trite

The windchime echoing to the breeze

Soft ,sombre the music of the leaves

Leaves that danced sullenly to the breeze

Lost in thought with eyelids heavy

Constant musings kept me busy

So lost in though that I hardly realized

A soft hand held my hand unapprised

Those were His hands to my surprise.

Holding hands we went on a heavenly ride

Together we pierced the starry sky so wide

Lost in His calm empyrean smile

I was ready to cover a million mile

How deeply was I beguiled all that while !

I had no clue if I was alive

Or of my family’s love I was deprived

His presence made these thoughts subside

Such was the magic of His smile

That I was so deeply beguiled !

” Unfurl the banner that witholds

Many a secret that are untold “

I gently asked the King Of Kings

By now my curiosity had taken wings

No sooner did he gave in to my pleadings

Than I heard the birds who had started to sing.

Night descended slowly , light started to shine

His hands no longer held mine

I  was alone on that bench trite

Slowly and gently I opened my eyes

And embraced the new day so bright.

Ah ! I gave a faint smile

Once again the secrets took their veil

But that’s life! Sometimes it doth reveal

Sometimes it doth conceal

If not yesternight, maybe tonight

One day everything will be alright

I shall find my answers one day

and that day is not too far away!

-Raashi Hasteer