On A Cold Winter Night

On A Cold Winter Night

‘Twas a cold winter night

As I sat on the bench ~trite

The windchime echoing to the breeze

Soft ,sombre the music of the leaves

Leaves that danced sullenly to the breeze

Lost in thought with eyelids heavy

Constant musings kept me busy

So lost in though that I hardly realized

A soft hand held my hand unapprised

Those were His hands to my surprise.

Holding hands we went on a heavenly ride

Together we pierced the starry sky so wide

Lost in His calm empyrean smile

I was ready to cover a million mile

How deeply was I beguiled all that while !

I had no clue if I was alive

Or of my family’s love I was deprived

His presence made these thoughts subside

Such was the magic of His smile

That I was so deeply beguiled !

” Unfurl the banner that witholds

Many a secret that are untold “

I gently asked the King Of Kings

By now my curiosity had taken wings

No sooner did he gave in to my pleadings

Than I heard the birds who had started to sing.

Night descended slowly , light started to shine

His hands no longer held mine

I  was alone on that bench trite

Slowly and gently I opened my eyes

And embraced the new day so bright.

Ah ! I gave a faint smile

Once again the secrets took their veil

But that’s life! Sometimes it doth reveal

Sometimes it doth conceal

If not yesternight, maybe tonight

One day everything will be alright

I shall find my answers one day

and that day is not too far away!

-Raashi Hasteer

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