Get Up And Get Going

Get Up And Get Going

Waste not your days in dismay

If yesterday wasn’t a winning play

Falling down is a reality.That’s true!

But, it does nothing to define you.

You fall down and you stay down

Nothing lasts on your face ~ but frown

Many a heart you gratify

Their hatred you pacify

For when they’d love to see you bleat

Your tears are a fulfilling treat.

When life knocks you down

Get up ! up for your gleaming crown

For you’re the King of you life

It’s your struggle! Your strife!

If life’s a dicey match

Try not to miss a single catch

Play with all your heart

That’s life ! You must do your part

For in life the loser isn’t the one

Who plays and loses but the one who refuses to play !

-Raashi Hasteer

Are You The Same You

Childhood is undoubtedly the best phase of our lives. The eyes are full of dreams and the heart is full of desires.  But , what happens once we grow up? Do we remain the same? The intensity of our dreams and the degree of our optimism tends to reduce – maybe because of past failures , the pressure of society , demotivating people who constantly try to pull us down ! So , let’s peep into our childhood days with a beautiful smile on our faces   !! Let’s dream  big and make all possible efforts to fulfill those beautiful dreams . 🙂

  Are You The Same You

Remember those golden days?

When wizardry was but a child’s play

With a wand in thy little hand

You brought dazzling stars to land

Sitting on your favourite broomstick

You travelled through the air thick

With smoke of your fantasies

Wasn’t life so full of ease?

Like a spiderman brave and tall

You tried climbing up the wall

What if  a tiger came on a leisure stroll

Wouldn’t you encounter him at one call?

When Snow White was a beautiful frauline

But was her beauty more than thine?

Those were days you shall never forget

Yet those are days you shall never get

With credence and valour abound

Many a heart you did astound

Ask yourself are you the same you?

Can with mettle you pursue

Your dreams coloured in myriad hues?

Why you feared to dream as you grew?

Ask yourself are you the same you?

-Raashi Hasteer