My Sweetheart Canine

(This poem is for all dogs . Particularly for my future pet)


My Sweetheart Canine

I crave you each passing day

So much that it is hard to say

My hands here I stretch out

Put your tender claws, don’t back out !

Let me hold you so close

My secrets I shall disclose

For I know you won’t ever judge

I shoo you ; you’ll have no grudge

You’ll love unconditionally , I’ll do the same

My feelings for you have no name

You’ll soothe me – grief laden

With you my home is my Eden

Had I never looked into a dog’s eyes

I would have never known what love comprise

Come home and be mine

I Love You – My Sweetheart Cannine.

-Raashi Hasteer

12 thoughts on “My Sweetheart Canine

    1. I understand your pain coz nothing can be compared to the unconditional love showered by dogs upon humans !
      I’m eagerly waiting to experience some beautiful years with my pet.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. 🙂


      1. never mind dear, we are human prone to err 😛 but it’s too much to call as …:P hehehe ok ok accepted as long as it’s pvt call 😛 lol canine…sweet canine

        Liked by 1 person

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