… I am free to write

Remember Kenji Goto ? – The journalist who was killed by ISIS.That incident really shook the world particularly those into writing profession . 

So , do we writers write to please others? Are we slaves? No ! We aren’t. We are free to express ourselves as loudly as we can . This is what the world needs to know especially those who defame writers and even kill them for their writings.

…I am free to write

I write not to appease or pacify

My words do revere and glorify

Men,regions , affairs I write about

Like leaves they rustle , or like Satan shout.

I don’t gild my words or sugarcoat

The truth in all forms I do quote

Deceive not thy eyes with beauty elusive

For I show you filth ~ vile and abusive !

Read thou !  The words that I write

Behold the world from mine eyes

See the petty and the pretty side

Read the feelings that in my heart resides

They kill me for what I say

But in no way leads me to dismay

I worship my pen and am not coward

Sooth! My pen is mightier than their sword.

-Raashi Hasteer