Tale Of Our Love


Tale Of Our Love

Moirai , the harbinger of fate

Opened gently my life’s gates

Tiptoed you came like morning rays

Fading my sorrow in umpteen ways

Slowly and gently you made your way

Mystically my heart began to sway

As you into my heart did walk

Mine heart with thine got firmly locked

Secrets of happiness you revealed

Our love no longer remained concealed

My and mine was us and ours

As we spent talking for hours and hours !

I felt our love till eternity shall last

Healing our lives of the wounds of past

We forgot the lyrics of our love song

Alas ! Our forever didn’t last long…

My heart still craves to be with you

For my love for you was truly true

I wish we could be together again

Be the panacea for my intense pain !

But , in hearts of hearts I realize

Things shall not be the same ever again

I see Cupid taking back its arrow

Was our love really that shallow?

Destiny and time has played its role

My soul thus parted from your soul !

-Raashi Hasteer

…If hearts could say !


…If hearts could say

My heart whispers notes of love

Words so tender like a beauteous dove

Kissing the realms of my thirsty soul

Drenched in love , my being is whole !

Lips fail to utter what the heart doth say

If hearts could speak , I wish they may

I wish hearts were visible to one’s eyes

Then one would know where true beauty lies

Beauty isn’t the pretty face or lovely eyes

It’s heart where beauty truly lies

Love her for her heart not her face

That’s true love’s true embrace !!

-Raashi Hasteer

“Love” … Isn’t it?


LOVE…Isn’t it?

Many a promise are made
Veiling truth under a facade
With sugary words they flatter you
Behold ! All is lie and nothing is true.
They say they’ll always make you smile
And holding hands, cover each and every mile
They promise to love you ~ real and true
And color your life in umpteen hues

But to their words , pay no heed
Words do differ a lot from deeds
Their brittle promises break soon
They are no longer your protective cocoon
And they leave you deserted and marooned
You got to realize it later or soon
That words and reality isn’t the same
You’re no longer their princess , O pretty dame !

You cry , cry and cry !
You’re hurt but still you try
… And one day when pain reaches its zenith
All your ” love ” gets buried underneath
You gave up on them with a weary heart
Thus with your “love” you had to part.
Calling this “love” in itself is a shame.
When everything no longer remains the same
Love that ends never really started…
If from your “love ” you have been parted.
Relations today are so demeaning
Love itself has lost its meaning !!

-Raashi Hasteer

Break Of Dawn ~ When Night Meets Day



Break Of Dawn ~ When Night Meets Day

In silence she glides

Like a beautiful bride

Clad in darkness pure

Her beauty since long endures

She’s Nyx ~ the goddess of night

In her veil she obscures light

Moon, her pendent charms

Stars like bees around her swarms.

She moves with delicate physique

In an aura of charm and mystique

Lured by her grace and beauty

Eros ~ love himself starts a melody

Silence breaks with his tune

And gently sleeps the goddess of moon

Music wakes Eos from her sleep

Clad in saffron robe she gently peeps

Opening her heavenly gates she greets

the luring beauty of the night

As Nyx and Eos’ hands conjoin

Night fades and light starts to shine.

As the beauty of night is gone

… The world beholds the break of dawn !

-Raashi Hasteer