Break Of Dawn ~ When Night Meets Day



Break Of Dawn ~ When Night Meets Day

In silence she glides

Like a beautiful bride

Clad in darkness pure

Her beauty since long endures

She’s Nyx ~ the goddess of night

In her veil she obscures light

Moon, her pendent charms

Stars like bees around her swarms.

She moves with delicate physique

In an aura of charm and mystique

Lured by her grace and beauty

Eros ~ love himself starts a melody

Silence breaks with his tune

And gently sleeps the goddess of moon

Music wakes Eos from her sleep

Clad in saffron robe she gently peeps

Opening her heavenly gates she greets

the luring beauty of the night

As Nyx and Eos’ hands conjoin

Night fades and light starts to shine.

As the beauty of night is gone

… The world beholds the break of dawn !

-Raashi Hasteer