Cry Of The Ganges

Cry Of The Ganges

O daughter of Gangotri ! , Ganges is thy name

Thou fondle the Himalayas and the plains

Nectar of Gods , thy water’s so pristine

Bringer of hope , O thou redeemer of sins !

In thy holy waters is found

The essence of our culture so profound

In thy waters pure and refined

Dwells the immortal spirit of divine.

O Ganges ! Doesn’t thy soul mourn

At the filth that’s in thy waters thrown?

Doesn’t thy heart shatter and tear

They call thee mother , yet can’t hear !

Heartless are they and they can’t hear

Canst they differ betwixt thy waters and tears?

Don’t they know who bathe to escape all sins

… -‘Adorning a mother’s eye with tears is the sinnest of sins!’

-Raashi Hasteer