Pour thee ! O gentle rain !

Pour thee ! O gentle rain !

After long days of sweltering summer and pain

I see thee pour . Pour ! O gentle rain !

Thou awaken the dreamy leaves

Giving moments of respite and relief.

Birds fly back to their eyrie

After days long and weary.

I see men jump and dance

Embracing the calm , a state of trance

Men are happy and so are birds

Life is happy and so is nature

Blessed is the Earth and all its creature

In an aura of thy mystique perfume

Wettens the Earth , gets soft like a plume

The Earth is at peace and so am I

Wet I am after days hot and dry

Thy falling drops  quench my thirst

Making my soul crave and lust

Pour thee ! O gentle rain !

Wash away all my heart’s pain

Cried I have , alone in my world

With tears unseen and sobs unheard

Thy drops today are some solace

When the world has left me lone

O heavens ! Thou art my secret companion

Bid thy clouds to pour more and more

To drench my soul and wipe my pain

Pour thee ! O gentle rain !

-Raashi Hasteer

Cry Of The Ganges

Cry Of The Ganges

O daughter of Gangotri ! , Ganges is thy name

Thou fondle the Himalayas and the plains

Nectar of Gods , thy water’s so pristine

Bringer of hope , O thou redeemer of sins !

In thy holy waters is found

The essence of our culture so profound

In thy waters pure and refined

Dwells the immortal spirit of divine.

O Ganges ! Doesn’t thy soul mourn

At the filth that’s in thy waters thrown?

Doesn’t thy heart shatter and tear

They call thee mother , yet can’t hear !

Heartless are they and they can’t hear

Canst they differ betwixt thy waters and tears?

Don’t they know who bathe to escape all sins

… -‘Adorning a mother’s eye with tears is the sinnest of sins!’

-Raashi Hasteer