Trust thy timing

Trust thy timing

My soul is craving for light
Profound wisdom and insight
Amidst abyss and many barriers
I need you Lord , O my saviour !
Which path to tread on
And which one should I leave?
With my mind and heart in a mutiny
How do I  trust my destiny…
I wish I could end all that ails
I know it’s your wish that prevails
My luck on me is no longer shining
And all I can do is to trust thy timing!

-Raashi Hasteer

Get Up And Get Going

Get Up And Get Going

Waste not your days in dismay

If yesterday wasn’t a winning play

Falling down is a reality.That’s true!

But, it does nothing to define you.

You fall down and you stay down

Nothing lasts on your face ~ but frown

Many a heart you gratify

Their hatred you pacify

For when they’d love to see you bleat

Your tears are a fulfilling treat.

When life knocks you down

Get up ! up for your gleaming crown

For you’re the King of you life

It’s your struggle! Your strife!

If life’s a dicey match

Try not to miss a single catch

Play with all your heart

That’s life ! You must do your part

For in life the loser isn’t the one

Who plays and loses but the one who refuses to play !

-Raashi Hasteer