India-My Pride

India-My Pride

India! A place that is so rich in its history,
Her contribution to the world is no longer a mystery.
Zero and the decimal system originated here,
Calculus too has its roots down there.
She gave the world the knowledge  of the Vedas,
The profound spiritual  texts that she has !

It’s the land of rich cultural  diversity,
People from different  religions thrive in every city.
All festivals are celebrated together with love,
Nothing but unity and brotherhood stays all above.
She is the proud mother of many  brave sons,
Who sacrificed their  lives and never thought  once.

She is the home to exotic species of animals and plants,
To see her mother beautiful  is what every man wants.
Hundreds  of rivers and streams that flow,
Sparks of beauty they enkindle and glow.
India is our beautiful  motherland,
Which carries beauty  in every grain of its sand.

Let’s  sing a song and glorify her name,
Let’s  work together  and bring her lots and lots of fame.

-Raashi Hasteer

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